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Featured Projects

Love Y’all | Burgundy & Yellow Shirt

Love Y’all | Greeting Card

Love Y’all | Heartsleeve Collection

A portion of sales from every Love Y'all shirt supports the New Orleans Loving Festival. The festival showcases films and other creative works that explore racial stereotypes and inspire people to work together for racial justice. It honors Richard and Mildred Loving, the interracial couple whose 1967 landmark civil rights lawsuit "Loving v. Virginia" ended all race-based legal restrictions on marriage in the US. The shirt’s design is inspired by the Loving Festival's motto, "Love Y'all." Learn more here.

Love Y’all | Black & Gold Shirt

Rooted | Heartsleeve Collection

This shirt is literally “Rooted” in Louisiana. Rooted is meant to convey the roots folks may have to Louisiana: memories, family, and places; and the homegrown produce rooted in our soil. A portion of each shirt supports Green Light New Orleans and their Free Backyard Vegetable Garden program. Green Light volunteers build free vegetable gardens for local residents who want to grow fresh food in their own backyards. Learn more here.

Rooted | Oatmeal Shirt 

Rooted | Purple & Yellow Kid’s Shirt

Bayou | Gator & Crawfish Shirts

Bayou | Gator Greeting Card

Bayou | Heartsleeve Collection

A portion of sale from the Bayou shirt is donated to the Louisiana Master Naturalists. They educate and train residents about native plants and animals by taking folks to see them in person with field experts. Through this hands-on approach, the Master Naturalists have created a group of local volunteers who both understand and protect the beautiful natural spaces that we all value. Learn more here.

Bayou | Crawfish Baby Onesie

Pelican | Heartsleeve Collection

A portion of sales from every Pelican shirt supports Step Up Louisiana. The members of Step Up Louisiana are committed to building political power to win education and economic justice for all. Their members step up and organize from a racial justice perspective to hold political and community leaders accountable. They work in our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces to disrupt systemic oppression.  Learn more here.

Pelican | Dark Grey Shirt

Pelican | Black Shirt


Client Retail 

Featured Projects

Peace Y’all | Project Peaceful Warriors
Nonprofit Staff  & Retail Apparel

Project Peaceful Warriors (PPW) provides trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness programming to schools -- equipping students and educators with tools they can use to reduce stress, combat burnout, and lead happier healthier lives.  Project Peaceful Warriors wanted apparel that would communicate their core mission and brand for their staff and supporters.

Peace Yall Y’all | Shirt

Peace Yall Y’all | Shirt

Grinding  | Pulp + Grind
Coffee Shop Merch

Pulp + Grind is a popular coffee shop based in the Central Business District of New Orleans. They serve their customers local & specialty coffee, organic cold-pressed juices, and house-made pastries. Pulp + Grind wanted apparel that embodied their patrons’ and company’s multifaceted grinding culture.

Grinding | Shirt

About Bernie January

Designer + Educator
Co-Founder | Heartsleeve
Co-Creator | YEP Design Works
Partner | The GOOD Shop

Born a mile away from the Atchafalaya River in South Louisiana; the proud son of a big-hearted logistics oil man from Cameron, LA and a fearless, radio reporter from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Lives in New Orleans, LA with, the
love of his life, Natasha Noordhoff. 

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